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Why Clean Engineering?

Investing in the future

We founded Clean Engineering in 2020 to solve a recurring and specific problem: Developing engineered products is challenging, but it can be done and it can be profitable if the process is managed deliberately and the team focuses on addressing the immediate needs of the customer.

Clean Engineering is a unique investment company that invests in engineered technologies that enhance sustainability of life on earth.

We invest in businesses that adopt our structured development methodology, The Green Staircase.  This aligns product development with market development, ensuring value is built at every stage. 

We further enhance the change of success by creating and investing through Product Development Companies, fully aligning our interests with the inventors and any third party investors.

By specialising in clean engineering and investing in solutions that will improve sustainability of life on earth, we deliver a unique investment opportunity.  We are solving an existential global challenge while delivering outstanding returns to those willing to invest with us.

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