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Specialist engineering and product development

Using Productiv's unique Green Staircase product development process, we halve the time it takes to develop Clean Engineering products from prototypes into products and getting them to market.

Production Oriented Prototyping ensures we supply early adopter customers with fully representative products.

Collaborative programme management brings the best resources to the project and delivers in budget, in time.

Over 10 years, we have developed and tested our processes on over 40 clean engineering product development projects.

Productiv also operates The Proving Factory, offering flexible prototype and scale-up manufacturing facilities to our product development companies.

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The Proving Factory exterior and

Flexible Facilities

The Proving Factory is the place where we make prototypes into production

Flexible clean engineering acceleration and manufacturing facility, with:

•6,000m2 of flexible factory and offices in the heart of the Midlands

•Over 300 approved local suppliers in the engineering and automotive supply chain

•Flexible production environment that delivers production oriented prototyping

•CNC machine tools and assembly equipment: design in the morning, make midday, test in the afternoon

The Proving Factory is operated by Productiv

Partners: Services
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