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The Product Development Company Approach

How we manage investment in developing your technology

Before we make an investment we create a new Product Development Company (PDC) that focuses on taking your technology to market.
The PDC will licence or acquire the technology from the original inventor, in exchange for a significant stake.
We then invest in development through the PDC.

Product Development

  • We establish and grow a new company focused on developing your promising technology into a profitable product

  • The Green Staircase plan manages both product and market development with total transparency

Market Development

  • The PDC identifies early adopter customers and develops the minimum viable product

  • Once launched we build towards larger, high value but more demanding markets and customers

PDC Shareholding

  • We create a new product development company (PDC) and give you a very significant share of the initial equity

  • In return you transfer your intellectual property and technology to the PDC so that it can create the intended products

Staged Investment

  • Clean Engineering leads multiple stages of investment and is very happy to work alongside other investors you know or want to introduce

  • We will ensure the best outcome from each consecutive fundraising round, seeking to minimising dilution for you, us and other early investors

Delivery Partners

  • Our delivery partners provide flexible expertise and facilities, reducing cost and improving outcomes at every stage of the journey, leaving the PDC free to focus on value growth

  • Services cover everything from engineering to production; accounting and legal to marketing and recruitment, all aligned to the Green Staircase development plan


  • We both have a seat on the board, ensuring you are able to influence the strategy of the PDC and you retain design authority on core technology

  • Day to day management is led by a small dedicated team that the we collectively appoint.  Management is supported by Productiv and partners.


  • We aim to increase the value of your stake progressively, without you having to invest further

  • From the outset we build and develop the company with a sale in mind, to deliver a great outcome for you and other investors

If you are interested in discussing how a PDC investment could accelerate your technology to market, please get in touch:

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