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Product Development
Investment Enquiry

If you are seeking investment to develop your technology into a product, please answer a few questions below.

Please describe your technology in the numbered boxes below, including:

1. Is yours a Clean Engineering technology?

  • Explain how it will significantly improve emissions, waste or efficiency.

  • What development is required before sales can start?

2. Do you have a working prototype that you can demonstrate to us? What functional benefits does it offer, for which customers will pay a premium?

3. Have you demonstrated it to early adopter customers who have said they will buy it if you finish developing it and get it made?  What evidence do you have?

4. Is it a human scale product that involves mechanical, electrical or electronic systems manufacturing and assembly?  Describe the core systems and finished system size and weight.

5. Will it be >30% better than customer's current solution?  Describe how.

Thanks for completing the form. We will be in touch asap.

Investment copy: Feedback Form
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