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What is Clean Engineering?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Clean Engineering is the term we use to define both the company and (in lower case) what we invest in and support.

Clean (enhancing the sustainability of life on earth) engineering (hardware products that require development, testing and certification before they can be sold).

By sustainability we mean that the things we fund and develop must have a positive impact on the planet, offering tangible improvements on the way things are done currently. Typically, we seek to develop products that are at least 30% better (more efficient or lower emissions) than the current solutions in the market. Ideally, they will also emit zero carbon at the point of use and have a net zero contribution to emissions across their entire supply chain and life.

The products and businesses we support will always have some element of hardware, but it is likely that they will have software and services too. However, we will not invest in pure software businesses, because there is plenty of capital available for that from other sources and we focus on where we can add the most value.

Clean Engineering is not the same as CleanTech which includes or implies mainly software or digital technologies. We invest in hardware products, not pure software or digital.


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