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Investing capital and expertise for impact

We offer a unique combination of funding and support to build sustainable engineering products and businesses, generating market leading returns.

Clean Engineering works with investors and inventors who want to make a difference and make money.

We support developers of hardware technologies that reduce emissions, improve efficiency and make life on Earth more sustainable.

We invest in developing products that have a positive environmental impact and deliver market leading returns for our investors. 

We provide venture capital and deliberate support to turn technologies into products and get them to market. 

We combine engineering and commercial expertise to take brilliant engineering technologies through the challenges of industrialisation and commercialisation.  

Working with delivery partners, we apply proven product development processes to get complex products developed, in half the time it typically takes to do it yourself.

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Clean Engineering Investment

Clean Engineering demand is surging, but developing hard-tech is hard, so we provide a range of support in addition to the capital. 
We create impact and profit.

Demand for sustainable solutions is growing...

  • Regulation is accelerating at local, national and international levels

  • Multinationals such as BP are pivoting to achieve zero emissions

  • Consumers and individual investors are increasingly active in environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy

  • Influencers are driving agendas and changing the way leaders act

  • Covid-19 is creating new calls for sustainable development and clean recovery

  • The technology pipeline is plentiful after 10+ years of R&D grants, particularly in the UK

  • Well executed engineered products offer attractive investment returns to match digital technologies

But developing hard-tech is hard…

  • Engineering product development  needs time, specialist expertise and support

  • Engineers tend to focus on perfecting their technology, ahead of commercial and market development

  • Small businesses struggle to secure the expertise and facilities to develop market ready products  

  • Traditional VCs don’t have the structure or capability to provide the required depth or type of support

So we...

  • Apply a digital start-up approach to engineering product development

  • Focus on high value markets and early adopter needs, developing MVPs

  • Provide flexible resources, processes,  people & facilities

  • Use a proven stage gated plan to align product and market development

  • Deliver capital, as it is required

  • Halve the typical time to get market

  • Drive returns from Clean Engineering  to match digital tech investments

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